A Guide to the Green River Gamelands and Its Most Isolated Treasure, Big Bradley Falls

Hidden in the deep interior of North Carolina is a natural reserve area worth exploring. It is the Green River Gamelands, and it’s a stunning expanse of gorgeous foliage and thick forestry. Visitors can find some true and unrivaled isolation deep in the recesses of this gameland. The area can be found an afternoon drive from Asheville, North Carolina. It is a little over an hour west of Charlotte, just beyond Gastonia.

Winter Closures and Isolation

The area is often closed off during the winter. Prior to and following the major snowstorms in late February and early March, almost the entire area was closed off by vehicle. County Road 14, Skyline Drive, and WV-49 S had extensive and full road closures.

The above only highlights how hidden and kept-away this area is. The game is impressive. Guests can come for the amazing quaintness of the area with a guide to help them along. Contact should be made with representatives to set the stage of exploration. Always stay alert with new weather alerts. HD Carolina is a great resource to get connected with the beauty of North Carolina. The group showcases exhibitions and adventures to many parts of North and even South Carolina. The website also posts video content capturing the deepest and most enthralling adventures the states have to offer.

Big Bradley Falls

The green river game area is home to perhaps its greatest treasure. Hidden in the deep crevasses of the grounds is an isolated waterfall of beauty. It is not like many other North Carolina waterfalls. Its isolation is a treasure to behold. It reaches impressive heights for the state. It is the iconic Big Bradley Falls.

A new video of the falls was recently released by HD Carolina. It is not a place that can be easily accessed. There is actually no legitimately safe area to get a grand view of the falls. Some adventurers can potentially capture footage by drone. It is recommended that the waterfall is only reached by experienced hikers. it is a crowning site for those willing to jump into the thick mountains of North Carolina.